L'Ange du FoyerL'Ange_du_Foyeur.jpg

Max Ernst, 1937

L'Ange du Foyer it shows a distorted humanoid like creature with a head of a vicious vulture. It may portray excellent surrealism to most people but in my opinion, it but it confuses me. What is it really? What is Max trying to demonstrate through his painting? It's just not inspiring me. However, he uses a variety of colour in his painting and the technique Max has used created depth. Max Ernst uses a lot of warm colours, i.e, the orange, red and yellow. This may convey the emoti0n joy and rage, but this depends on the viewers preferences.

Improvements into my art:
Applying depth similar to Max Ernst's may improve on my painting. I'll try avoiding 2-D images and add a background to create emotions.

By: Anthony Trinh
Class: 9 Blue
chrstian i agree with what you said it could use some more depth