Joseph Vu

Name: The First Days of Spring at the Strait of Hormusz
Artist: T. Gengenbach
Date: 1980

This painting shows a mutated creature trying to obtain the egg on top of a tree. If you look closely you can see that there is what seem to be baby on back of the mutated creature. The tree is actually the shape of an arm that is holding the egg between its fingers. From what I can see the dark figure in the background looks like a crow or some sort bird. There are also ants crawling up the arm/tree trying to collect what seem to be blood coming out of a crack of the egg.

The only emotion this bizarre painting made me feel is confusion because I can't work out why the egg is dripping blood or why is there a bird in the background or why is there a bulldog on the bottom left corner of the painting

Ways to improve my work
By analyzing this painting, I have learnt to use contrasting colours in my future work and how i should try to add shades and background objects to make the painting seem three dimensional.