The sower

James Gleeson, 1944

My Interpretation

The sower is a painting filled with violence, horrid images, distorted body parts and mutilation. James Gleeson's painting is a portrait of the horrific war that was going on at the time. I believe he is trying to say that the killings and horrors of war is just mankind cannibilising itself.It is filled with terrifying and vile pictures that, inspires fear and awe into the minds of the viewer. It is as critics say "the dislocated and monstrous limbs infer a world on the brink of self-destruction". In my eyes this picture portrays the evil that lurks in a man, and how if he is ever to release it, this will happen in his mind. A terrifying struggle that will consume him entirely .However beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and his painting has many meanings. This painting is a reflection of James Gleeson's unique skill and style that has earned him the name of the greatest surrealism painter in Australia even to this day.

Improvements to my technique
Gleeson has put depth into this picture by adding in a lot of shadows and with the addition of clouds in the background. I can improve my very 2D painting by creating a very similar effect. I can try to add clouds in the background and add shadows on then and on the main picture itself. I can also add details on the ground to make it as if it was sloping upwards to create depth.

Kevin. Huynh 9 Blue