Written by Vincent Papandrea 9 BLUE

To me this painting, done by the eccentric and brilliant mind that is Salvador Dali is a painting with a hidden meaning. In this painting, Dali depicts the clock exploding and shattered pieces of the clock floating away into nothingness, I belive that this is a symbolic reference to the fact that time flies, and by the pieces floating into nothingness , he means to say that we will never be able to retrieve lost time. Dali uses excellent shading behind and around the clock to show that there has been an explosion (as the title states) and to show the clock almost in midair after being catapulted by the explosion. The fact that the clock seems to be flying off the waterfall is also symbolically referenced to the statement i made earlier about how we can never retrieve lost time. The butterfly in the bottom left hand corner also depicts the fact how time flies.

In conclusion, Salvador Dali uses many symbols to get his meaning across to the viewers of his surrealist paintings, he does this very well in this painting using many artistic techniques.
Techniques I can include when i draw/paint:
I think there are 2 main concepts i can take from this artists piece of work. The first one is to use the effect of shading to make my paintings look more detailed and sophisticated and two is to try to incorporate hidden meanings or symbols that, if percieved for long enough will make sense to the viewer of my artwork. Some other minor techniques i could implement in my artwork are to distort an image to draw the attention of the viewer to a specific point or area in the painting.

Salvador Dali - Explosion
Salvador Dali - Explosion
Artist: Salvador Dali
Title: Explosion
Date: Not given from source of painting
Source: http://www.essentialart.com/acatalog/SDal_Explosion.html