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Max Ernst
Surrealism and Painting
Date made:
surrealism and painting shows some kind of 'thing' painting a distorted picture of some sort.Judging from the title the surrealism thing is painting a surrealism picture.to me not sure if im using this term correct but seems ironic it's the thing painting itself in a way.Max Ernst uses dull colours but with the background it sort of brightens it up and that yellow sort of colour.Im not sure what emotions it is emitting but i think it shows calmness because of the arm is all wonky and bendy,no signs from my perspective that it's angry or whatever.
Improvements to my art painting:
From what i can see there's shadowing areas at the bottom near the box and between the bendy arms or legs and i might need to apply this to my painting to make it a more 3-dimension picture than a 2-dimension one.