The Persistence of Memory

This Painting was created by Salvador Dali in 1931, it is painted by using Oil on Canvas and it is currently housed in the museum of modern art, In New York, America.
This painting begs many questions and a second glance is always necessary when you want to identify many of the objects on this painting. I believe that the persistence of memory is a true abstract painting and that it can be interpreted in many different ways by many different viewers.
The main colours that are used in this painting are earth tones such as dark browns to bright yellows. I believe that the sloppy looking clocks lazily sitting all over the image are represented as time or memory and how they simply lay or hang around truly show how persistent and hard to get rid of they are.
Other images that I find very hard to identify is the red jelly looking object on what looks to be a table and a grey looking figure with the clock wrapped around it.

Regan Gilbert - 9 Blue